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Work load, Future, Aniexty and more.

2013-08-17 11:52:18 by VanDiablo

Ok so recently I have had a lot of things in my life change, one will change my future, and others wont. I recently started a 9-5 to pay bills which takes time away from the things I love doing which is painting and creating images. Thats the one that will not change my life. The one that will is that I recently joined the United States Air Force. Hopefully this will be for the best like I believe it will be, and not something that I will view as a mistake later on.

But one thing that has slowed done my work flow or so much as made me stop working on things, is the lack of attention my work gets. I fell like people do not care to look at my work. I spend days working on something only for no one to look at it. It is kind of upsetting almost depressing; that is until I visit this site. I took a glace at the views of my work here, and on on almost all of images have well over 2000 views or more. Unlike other places where I post it, and it gets 20-30 views total over the course of months.

It is because of this site that I continue to have the desire to not only make more works but also post them online. So because of that I want to say Thank You all. People don't understand how much a view, a like , or a comment means to me, even if it is a criticizing comment you still took the time to make me work harder. So honestly thank you, all of you.

Work load, Future, Aniexty and more.


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2015-01-28 05:43:41

Awesome! Love your work! GL with military thing :)
BTW, made a video and gave some feedback to your work. Thanks for submiting it on my forum thread! Will post video on saturday!
Cheers :D

VanDiablo responds:

Cool man let me know ill be sure to watch and support.


2015-02-16 04:41:34

Here's the vid %% thank yu <3