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So who is ready for that update?

2012-10-21 14:39:03 by VanDiablo

SO yea Ive been working on a piece for like a week and figured I would post what I had so far. So after I had gotten out of class and drove home for the weekend I realized I left my hard drive at my cousins house. What a bummer right? Instead of doing nothing all weekend and sad facing about not being able to work on the piece I had already started on, I start on another piece instead. I started on it last night and while working I am realizing how quick I was getting things done in that piece. After a couple hours I am semi please with the background have my colors laid out and have refined some of the face. Since I cannot upload the one that I was working on before why not do one for this one, right? Right. So here is that update I sorta promised. :D

So who is ready for that update?

Still New, Still learning.

2012-10-19 14:28:47 by VanDiablo

Hello all my name is Jovan Banks, I am new to this site and I am still learning how to do things to my user page. I intend to post all of my work on here because I really do like this site. I would like to thank all of the people who welcomed me here as well as the people to liked my work. I will be posting another image on here soon, I will also be posting a preview of it before it is done so check back here to see it. Again thank you all
-Van Diablo